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Resources for Traders

Learning resources for traders

Trader education is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to ensure continued trading success. Trading truly is the ultimate never-ending learning challenge. Use these resources as a way to expand your trading knowledge and take your trades to the next level.


Inside the Mind of Trader Stewie

A methodical approach to trading: 

A book structured as a trading course. Learn at your own pace, paired with 60~ minutes of instructional video and visual aided learning tools.

  • Conquer your inner emotions and psychological weaknesses

  • Discover time tested trading methods and technical chart setups

  • Learn proper entry, exit, and risk management techniques

Get Inside the Mind of Trader Stewie! Learn time tested methods, tips and tricks, and become a more confident and successful trader.

Featured Video

How to: Trading a Breakout

Learn how to trade a breakout. A detailed analysis and discussion of the techniques I use to trade a breakout.

Video Resources

A collection of informative and educational trading video tutorials created by Trader Stewie

How to:

Use Stochastics to Spot Market Reversals

Tool Box:

Mean-Reversion Trading Technique: Shorting

How To:

Spot and Trade Bottoming Patterns

How To:

Use the MACD/RSI to spot changes in market momentum

How To:

Play Bullish Falling Wedge Patterns

How To:

Play DIP BUY trades: SBUX


How We Traded the MNST Breakout

How To:

Spot Strength/Weakness Under the Surface

Recommended Reading

Some of the best articles, blogs and resources for traders

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An sample chart pattern from a real trade. The only pattern you need to know to bank serious coin in the stock markets... 

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