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Since it was my first time playing your alerts with options I decided to keep the risk small and only bought 3 contracts (about $243 of total risk if they went to nothing). I bought in at .81 cents when you sent the Trade Alert and sold today for $3.15! A cool 388% gain! It was a small size but still a $680 dollar profit after my commissions were paid.
Thanks to you and Hungtrand for the great idea and help with execution.
Also, Sold my Full Size LEN Trade Alert position at 36.30 from 34.24 for a +2.06 gain! (or +5.6%)
Today is a great day!
Thanks again!

Thanks Stewie. Yes, I had a very good week (up every single day this week), and a good chuck of the gains (I would say 80%+) came from your calls. I am very happy with the performance. Monetary reward is one thing, but I really like the fact that I am practicing other aspects of trading (like setting stops, letting profits run) that truly separate the pros from amateurs. I had a tendency to close out my winning positions too quickly, but your sell alerts really let me reexamine my own ad-hoc exit strategies. The difference is huge.

Thank you again.



Stewie, I really feel comfortable under your advice and the way you manage trades. As you have stated, 'take care of capital first then make money second'. I love that ... there's a sense of security from your web site and you don't come across as some 'gun-slinging' trader type, buying & selling based on a whim. Your a pro, Stewie, .... a first class act.

Thanks for all the work you do finding those trades.

have had a great week. the 3 trades i have done have made me $890. would have made about $75 more but put in a stop on glbl that did not work. have figured out the way to do my stops after that. plan on trading @ $10,000 on all of your alerts and once i get ahead @ $5,000 i am going to step up to $15,000/$20,000 per alert. i think you have a good handle on the stocks and appreciate the help since I have other obligations and do not have the time right now to do much research. plan on sticking with you for a good while.

Please note: This member was new (and still on free trial) and made enough money in five days to pay for 18 months of membership



thanks buddy. think I will do just that. Stops tightened. Out fcx now +2.00=20k! Enough for like 33 years of your service ;-)


Thanks Stewie!!!! And excellent navigating around this trendless market. I am learning to be nimble, open-minded, not married to a direction, and only dipping a toe in the water when in doubt. I like the “new” me, thanks to your leadership.

Mike T.

hey stewie, signing up with you just truly marks a turning point in my trading. i've been nailing them like the guy in the matrix at the end of the movie. check the attached chart and see how i nailed tza today (i nail a trade like that almost every day right now, while keeping it to 0 to 2 trades a day). i take hardly any of your stock picks because i want to be at the point where i can trade consistently profitable on my own, but somehow seeing you trade, and your comments, thoughts and answers to questions just made it click. thanks a billion!

Great call, Stewie.
I'm frequently amazed by your trading wisdom. It takes a lot of trading wisdom, courage, confidence, and a steady hand to stay on the sidelines when the market gives no good signals.

Had I listened to your calls in the last two days, I would be patiently waiting for opportunity rather than managing a loser. Oh well, live and learn.



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