Inside the Mind of Trader Stewie


A methodical approach to trading:
In this book you will discover the psychology, methods, and techniques used by Trader Stewie!

  • Conquer your inner emotions and psychological weaknesses

  • Discover time tested trading methods and technical chart setups

  • Learn proper entry, exit, and risk management techniques


Get Inside the Mind of Trader Stewie! Learn time tested methods, tips and tricks, and become a more confident and successful trader.

An educational package like no other...

20 years of market wisdom compiled into one digital download

225+ Page eBook

A fully interactive PDF document! Jump from chapter to chapter, quickly reference trading techniques and learn from educational video shorts, from section to section! Computers, tablets & cell phones are all fully supported!


60+ Minutes of Digital Video

Use our educational videos to accelerate your learning. They go hand in hand with the eBook. Quick linked in the table of contents so you can review them quickly and easily!

Psychology, Strategies, Charting, Setups, Technicals, Execution

This educational eBook encompasses each aspect of the trade! 20+ years of personal experiences are summarized in an easy to follow and engaging experience!


This book is for you if...

You're looking to fast track your knowledge of the financial markets as a trader. This book has something for everyone. If you're looking to brush up on your skills or start from scratch and take in a whole new perspective, this eBook has it!

The Art of Trading: Golden Rules

Rule Number 1:

Always wait for the setup: No Setup-No Trade.

Rule Number 2:

The BEST trades work almost right away.

Rule Number 3:

Never take a big loss. If it doesn't 'feel' right. Remove it!

Rule Number 4:

Always perfect your craft and sharpen your skills.

Rule Number 5:

Be patient with winning trades: Impatient with sketchy trades.

Rule Number 6:

DISCIPLINE to follow your plan is the key to winning in trading.

Rule Number 7:

Never get emotionally attached to trades.

Rule Number 8:

Always trade with the size that makes you unemotional.

Rule Number 9:

Keep things very simple and don't over-think your trading methods.

Rule Number 10:

Stay humble at all times.