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Updated: 4 days ago

Hi folks,

Each weekend I send AoT private members a new "Stocks to Watchlist" for the upcoming week. These watchlists contain a "Top Pick of the Week". I'll update this post at the end of each week "live" tracking these picks publicly (It will lag 1 week)

In 2022 I developed a very simple strategy for the "Top Pick of the Week". This strategy returned +115.74% for 2022!!! Basically it involves buying the "Top Pick of the Week" on the opening tic Monday morning and selling the closing tic Friday afternoon. It takes very little effort and very little capital. The model portfolio uses $10k for this idea.

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Below are the live stats (1 week lag) for 2023! Be sure to check this post each Sunday evening for a new update for the previous week!

***A small modification to the strategy might be warranted in the case of overbought and oversold levels in the market. Occasionally the market will reach these conditions and it may make sense to hold off on the "Top Pick" when these conditions are met. The chances of the market making a sharp countertrend move during these times is heighted. These conditions are rarely met so it doesn't change the overall strategy in a major way. See the Note* on week 3 for more insight into this! ***

2023 Live Stats:

*Based on a $10k position

Percent Gain after Week 5: -0.16%

Profit / Loss after Week 5: -$16.00

  • Week 1 Top Pick: $AEHR

(Long setup) This Semiconductor stock has been a relative strength leader throughout 2022. Pulling back to test 100 day MA. Look for a rally phase.

*Please note $AEHR was expected to post earnings last week. AoT members were given a 2nd option "$MOMO" if they didn't want ER risk! $MOMO as the secondary pick went on to return +4.80% or +$480.00 for the week!

  • Week 2 Top Pick: $SMCI

(long setup) This stock has been a relative strength leader throughout 2022. Pulling back to test 50 day MA. Look for a rally phase.

Targets: $95 to $100

$SMCI started off very strong for the week making a technical breakout. Tuesday morning $SMCI was stuck with a bearish hit piece published by Spruce Point Capital. The stock traded down on the article but recovered decently into weekend! Its unfortunate but sometimes these things happen!

  • Week 3 Top Pick: $PDSB

$PDSB: (long setup) This biotech stock has been a relative strength leader. Pulling back to test 20 day MA and forming a wedge pattern. Look for a big reversal/bounce this week.

Targets: $13 to $14

Coming into week 3 the market was performing quite well with a multi-day rally pushing $NYMO and $NAMO into overbought condition. I suspected the market might pullback but since I wasn't looking for a full blown bearish attack but more of a choppy/sideways to slightly down move for indices, I figured a biotech stock would more likely outperform since biotechs tend to outperform during choppy or slightly red Market periods. That's why I opted for $PDSB for this week. I didn't want to post short setups since I wasn't suspecting the market to drop all week. Looking back on the week, that turned out mostly accurate but the AOT Top Pick didn't perform as expected.

  • Week 4 Top Pick: $AMD

$AMD: (long setup) a beautiful bottoming pattern that's retesting the breakout area. Semis are starting to look a more better recently and AMD is one of the sector's best.

Targets: $80 to $85

$AMD started the week quite strong and surprisingly held in after being downgraded Tuesday morning and then weaker than expected earnings from $INTC. $AMD really showed its strength in the market this week!

  • Week 5 Top Pick: $OKTA

$OKTA: (long setup) a bullish wedge pattern here after a recent PEG. Look for a potential R2G(Red open that goes Green).

Targets: $85 to $90

Coming into week 5 it was an event filled week with FOMC and earnings reports from $AMD, $AAPL, $AMZN, $GOOGL and many more. Despite the potential for the market to whipsaw up down on a week like this strong stocks held in relatively well. $OKTA produced a 4.69% return for week 5!

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